6.5 miles RT
Elevation gain: 250 feet

Warnings: A short but steep hill might have to be walked; Also, snowmobiles hit this trail early and heavily, so try this only if you are up early and there is enough fresh snow to enjoy the trail.

From the Sno-park, turn left onto Meadow Creek Road (what the Forest Service calls Route 3) for 200 yards until an intersection with Route 1C. Turn left and experience the thrill – or terror, if it is icy – of a twisting, screaming, albeit short ride down to the elevation of Fish Lake. From here, the trail loops counter-clockwise around the lake.

The ride throught the trees and then next to the lake is surprisingly beautiful. If it was on the East Coast they would have made a freaking national park out of this route. As it is, it is a marginal little trail in the Fish Lake ASS system. It is marginal because it gets a lot of early snowmobile traffic and, at a lower elevation, does not get a lot of snow cover. In addition, you pass through a fishing lodge site (which is closed in the winter).

You cannot circle the lake unless you want to cross a road, so go as far as the groomed trail will take you on the gentle ups and downs, mostly through forest but with views to your left across the lake. A good turnaround point is the Air Strip Sno-park (see the Flight Tower below). Turn around, click your heels, and return home.

Looking back on tracks in new snow, with iced-over Fish Lake to the right.

The flight tower at the Lake Wenatchee airstrip. I am not making this up.